Adaptive Gardens & Thornhill Farm Closing
March 6, 2014 | 12:35 pm

Dear Garden & Farm Friends,

After five years of learning, growing, teaching, following our passions, and serving our community, Adaptive Gardens is closing it’s doors.  We have made wonderful friends and memories but due to a number of uncontrollable factors, the very difficult decision to dissolve the non-profit organization and end therapeutic horticulture programs and farming operations on Thornhill Farm has been made  and will occur in the coming weeks.

It has been our honor to serve our community and it never would have been possible without our diligent, kind and overall AMAZING donors, Board of Directors & volunteers.  We can’t thank everyone enough for the belief and support of our mission.

The lessons we have learned and the experiences we have had will only strengthen our future opportunities to improve our communities.

May we always live to help those in need,

Adaptive Gardens of the Lowcountry

March 4, 2014

What a wonderful 2013!!
December 31, 2013 | 12:33 pm

To all our donors, volunteers, teachers, friends and staff, Thank You for making 2013 a wonderful year of growth and learning!

Students continue to learn new skills on Thornhill Farm and at their schools when Adaptive Gardens takes the farm to them.  From running the Thornhill Farm store to harvesting collard greens, turnips and kale, these students are learning how to eat well, how to exercise, and all along learning life skills.  We are so excited to see what 2014 brings us!!

Thank You for a Wonderful Event!
November 4, 2013 | 10:08 am

This past Saturday brought beautiful weather, delicious food from The Granary, & amazing guests out to the farm for our 5th annual Music on the Farm fundraiser.

We are sending out a huge


to all of our amazing volunteers (special thank you to Nancy Marshall & Carol McClellan), our generous donors (special thanks to Brannon Florie & Joe Wolfson), and our fantastic Board of Directors for organizing the event.  We hope everyone had a lovely afternoon & we are so grateful you came out to spend the day with us on Thornhill Farm!

We will be inviting our friends out to the farm more regularly to enjoy the beauty of the farm & to learn more about our program & where food comes from.

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Join us on Thornhill Farm to support our cause
October 12, 2013 | 5:15 am

Support Children with Disabilities & Special Needs

Get Your Ticket Here

Bring your tent for camping after the event

Music on the Farm – Thornhill Farm
October 9, 2013 | 10:06 am

Join us November 2, 3-7pm for a fun-filled afternoon of music, food, drink and relaxation on Thornhill Farm.

Something for everyone: bounce house, silent auction, strolls around the farm to meet the animals (sheep, donkeys, chickens, goats & pigs), food prepared by The Granary (Farm to table restaurant to open end of November).

Bring your family & friends, bocce, frisbee, football, blankets, chairs and tent if you would like to camp out that evening.

Please, do not bring your cooler until after 7pm.

Get your tickets now!

Feed your body, Feed your mind
August 24, 2013 | 10:38 am

School has started!  We are so excited to have our students back on Thornhill Farm after the summer break!  We need to make sure we are receiving the proper nutrients to keep our brains and bodies performing optimally.  Our students keep physically active by participating in tasks on the farm & keep their minds sharp by doing Arithmetic, measuring, & problem solving while on the farm.  But in order to keep our bodies and minds sharp, we need to feed them properly.  This fall season’s CSA will include items such as: kale, broccoli, cucumbers, choi, rutabega, carrots, beets, arugula, beans & peas.

Kale is packed full of Vitamin A, Vitamin C & Vitamin K

Broccoli is a superstar with Vitamin A & Vitamin K amounts and a good supply of folate

You will find a host of wonderful, good-for-you things in the veggies & fruits from Thornhill Farm!

So, do your body a favor

Sign up for your Thornhill Farm CSA/Organic Vegetable Share Today!

Thornhill Farm Has Gone Non-Profit
August 18, 2013 | 8:50 am

Since Adaptive Gardens’ inception in 2009, we have shared Thornhill Farm with Our Local Foods, a local foods business owned by Maria Baldwin.  Maria founded Adaptive Gardens and Our Local Foods almost simultaneously envisioning a social enterprise.  Over the last four years, Our Local Foods staff have tilled our rows, donated seeds & contributed loads of time and knowledge to keep Adaptive Gardens going.  After laying the foundation for a beautiful, organic farm, Maria Baldwin has closed Our Local Foods and graciously offered the operations of Thornhill Farm to Adaptive Gardens.

THORNHILL FARM IS NOW WHOLLY NON-PROFIT!  Adaptive Gardens’ special needs students will be taking the reins from esteemed founder & owner of Our Local Foods, Maria Baldwin. Vegetable shares, meat shares, dairy & egg shares, the farm store in McClellanville & the Charleston & Mount Pleasant farmer’s markets will all be products of and included in therapeutic horticulture programming on Thornhill Farm. Feed your body locally grown, organic food while improving the lives of these very special students!


Thornhill Farm CSA
Medium Share for 10 weeks $275
Large Share for 10 weeks $350

Click link above to pay online or

Call us: 843.887.3194

Email us:



Lady Beetle on Purple Artichoke

Soap, Paper & Greens, OH MY!
November 14, 2012 | 7:26 pm

What a busy & great new school year it has been!  We have new students and old and everyone is enjoying time spent on Thornhill Farm or in their own gardens created with Adaptive Gardens staff.  Before getting into all of the great stuff that has been going on, we need to send a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who made our 4th annual Local Music on the Farm event possible.

Dangermuffin, Oh Valentino, SC Broadcasters, Awendaw Green & Eddie White, Our Local Foods, Brannon Florie, Nancy Marshall, Zelda Grant, Melissa with Trashgurl, Kristin Clapper with Hoopla Studios, 17 North Roadside Kitchen, Harry Crissy, Maria & Gary Baldwin, Mary Beth & Gary Thornhill, Sharon Knisley, Teri & Julian Levin, Shannon Thornhill, Coast Brewing Co., Palmetto Brewing Co., Andrea McClellan, Gooden Farms/Teresa, Sam Watson, Yuka Duke, Matt Frye & all of the great Our Local Foods interns, Carol McClellan, Rivertowne Country Club, Greg Peralta, McCrady’s, Husk, Queen Anne’s Revenge, The Boathouse at Breach Inlet, Seaside Acupuncture, Kolton Bodyworks, Resort Boating, Marcia Davidson, Karen Attanasi, T.W. Graham’s Restaurant, Thomas Beach, Daniel “Jimbo” and all of our wonderful volunteers!  Thank you for making our fundraiser such a wonderful and fun event!  Proceeds from the Local Music on the Farm event help us continue providing services individuals with special needs and we are excited about some new employees this fall!

Other than the 150 individuals that we provide therapeutic gardening services to each week, Adaptive Gardens has begun offering employment opportunities to individuals with disabilities.  These positions cover a myriad of skills but primarily focus on the production of cottage industry items and produce.  Our Garden Gifts line of products are grown and produced on Thornhill Farm by our students and employees.  From our Gardener’s Soap to our yummy Cilantro Micro Greens, we are giving these individuals real world vocational training and an opportunity to give back to their community.  While there can always be set backs, we continue to move forward and are striving to increase program services to 200 special needs individuals by 2014!

Two of our unfortunate set backs this autumn have been garden pests… The Attack of the Army Worms… demolished our fall squash and tomato crop and then… as we replanted our chickens, yes, OUR PET Chickens (which we feed well and care for wonderfully), decided to escape their free range area and come over and eat our lovely little seedlings.  So, we are on our fourth planting and have decided to start making scrumptious salads for the hens each day so maybe they will stop making a salad bar of our raised beds.  Although, disappointing, with it comes lessons for our students and an opportunity for problem solving in dealing with our pests.

Regardless of set backs, Adaptive Gardens moves forward and you can find our Gardener’s Soap (with Luffa sponge and Lemongrass oil) at and  Soon we will have our Seed Paper Cards available for purchase online as well.

Until then, join us on November 30, 5-8pm and December 1, 10-3pm on Pinckney Street, McClellanville, SC for the Village Holiday Art Walk!  There will be beautifully crafted items by local artists and craftsmen.

Support our Kids & Enjoy a Beautiful Day on the Farm!
September 24, 2012 | 5:00 pm

The Amazing Human Beings Keeping Us Going!
March 30, 2012 | 1:12 pm

The garden beds are flush, the greenhouse is packed and beautiful to walk into, the chickens are happy and definitely well fed, the students are thriving and learning new things daily. These are the things we post pictures of and keep you up to date on. But it is time to take our gardening hats off to our wonderful volunteers!
Every time we meet a new volunteer, we are blown away by their energy, dedication and selflessness. These are, simply put, AMAZING HUMAN BEINGS! We thank them for being there for us and being a part of our organization.

Murrells Inlet Elks Lodge & Jodie

Murrells Inlet Elks Lodge volunteers came out and joined us on March 6th. Spearheaded by Bill Judd this group of people could not have lifted our spirits more. Trailing Dave’s truck were six brand new raised beds built by these Elks Lodge members. They unloaded and set the beds into place behind the activity center. And what do you know, but two days later, Bill is back with a truckload of soil to fill the beds. The advantages raised beds give to the students who participate in our programming is grand. The students abilities to garden to their full potential is allowed sometimes only by the elevation of the bed. So, to all of the Elks Lodge volunteers—we are sending a very heartfelt thank you!!

University of Missouri students & Jodie

March 29th and 30th brought with it a sweet breeze that carried in 12 University of Missouri students. These college students chose to volunteer their time for needy organizations rather than go play in the sun over their Spring Break! Students accomplished a number of projects like: building new flower beds, transplanting seedlings, planting & mulching Luffa, helping wrap soaps and building the frame for a wheelchair accessible ramp. They make the future look bright. Thank you all!

Because we do not say it enough….
To our volunteer Board of Directors which includes Maria Baldwin, Sharon Knisley, Mary Beth Thornhill, Teri Levin and Harry Crissy we THANK YOU!

Harvesting Broccoli

First Squash!